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At Carlson Mapping, we work with you to analyze and present your information exactly how you need it. Using ESRI ArcGIS software and a variety of database and analytical tools, we allow you to see how your project fits into, and impacts, its surroundings.

Our work always begins with the end product in mind. We assess your project needs, establish data requirements and develop a methodology to best meet your objectives. We focus on what’s valuable, not what’s possible, because we know cost is important.

Carlson Mapping and Analysis offers you an excellent alternative to highly priced engineering firms. We are well trained and experienced professionals, here to help give your projects polish, satisfy your clients’ needs and help you conform to industry best practices.

Spatial Analysis

GIS is unique in its ability to integrate, analyze and display such a wide variety of data types. We utilize data covering the physical world, cultural, environmental, infrastructure, demographics, property ownership and market data to help you solve complex problems with ease.

GIS Data Development

Whether it’s making GIS data from scratch, converting your existing data into a GIS format or modeling new information, we can build an information tool to analyze and share your project's finest details. We have a great deal of experience updating and converting CAD drawings into GIS formats.

Database Design and Maintenance

We work with you to ensure your databases are running smoothly. We help you collect and maintain the information you need through customized forms, reports and data views that are intuitive and manageable for users at any technical level.


We develop maps for a wide variety of client needs and deliver them in any format you require. Whether it’s traditional mapping, on-line mapping or 3D mapping, we keep you, your clients and everybody associated with your project, well informed.

Custom Applications

We develop the tools you need to get you the answers you need fast and easy.

GPS Data Collection

When precision is important, we'll go into the field and collect the data to your specifications.


Land Service Agencies

GIS is an invaluable tool for monitoring land rights acquisition projects. From regulators, to utilities, to project managers, engineers, field agents and land owners, everyone can be kept informed on the latest developments.


GIS is part of a ‘Best Practices’ management program for designing, maintaining or upgrading your utility infrastructure. Whether its electrical power, natural gas pipelines or water utilities, GIS offers an invaluable tool for visualizing your system. See the location, condition and design details of any part of your network exactly how you need them.

Wind Farm Developers

GIS allows you to build wind farms that are productive, cost effective and socially and environmentally responsible. Powerful database tools allow you to analyze and manage your site in real time. With GIS, you visualize your decision making.


Modernize your existing paper or CAD infrastructure drawings into GIS for easy mapping and system analysis. Keep everyone from the field crews to management informed on materials, dimensions, condition and age of any feature you choose.


Rather than maintaining staff with GIS training and all the attendant software, hardware and data requirements, consider using a GIS specialist. We have a great deal of experience importing and exporting CAD drawings into GIS data for mapping, database work or spatial analysis.

We help you meet your client needs and offer affordable subcontractor rates.


See where your customers are, your competition, demographic areas and trends. The applications of GIS for the business community is endless, invaluable and largely underutilized.



This is Jeff Carlson, of Carlson Mapping and Analysis. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the many applications of GIS for reducing costs, improving efficiency, allowing for better decision making and communicating better to your clients and throughout your organization.

Carlson Mapping and Analysis LLC is a Full Service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting firm in business since 2006. Jeff Carlson has 20 years of professional GIS experience and a Masters degree in geospatial information from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

His clients and professional experience include but are not limited to working with or for Acciona Energy, Apex Clean Energy, Burns & McConnell Engineering, Cook County Illinois Highway Department, DuPage County, Illinois - Stormwater utility, E.ON Renewables, EcoEnergy, GE, Great River Energy, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Johnson & Johnson, Kestrel Consulting, Land Service Company, MidAmerican Energy, Patrick Engineering, US. Air National Guard, WE Energies, WES Engineering, Westwood Engineering and Surveying, Wisconsin Division of Energy, Wisconsin Public Service Commission, Xcel Energy

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